2023 Rocky Mountain Championship

Referee seminar:  Saturday May 6, 2023

Location: IMA Dojo
1340 Main Street, Louisville, CO. 80027
Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Tournament: Sunday, May 7, 2023

Fair view High School Gym

1515 Greenbriar Blvd, Boulder, CO 80305

Schedule: Sunday, May 7, 2023

Check in Time Description Div.:#
8:30am Jr. & Sr. Elite Male and Female Kata

All 18+ Weapon Divisions

5-9 years old boys & girls all levels

K-59 through K-62

W-7, W-8

KS-1 through KS-16

10:30am Elite Male & Female Kumite S-61 through S-65
10-11 years old all levels KS-17 through KS-24
10:30am 12-17 years old all levels KS-25 through KS-40
12:00pm Male/female 35+ & 18+ non elite male & female KS-41 through KS-55
12:00pm All 12 years and younger team and weapons

All 13 – 17 years short & long weapon

TK, TS, W1-W2

W-4 though W-8

2:00pm Team kata/Kumite 13-18 years old/Family kata TK – TS

Tournament rules:

USANKF / WKF modified rules. All techniques to the face head and neck must have absolute control. The referee panel will penalize the competitor, if the hand techniques touch the face, neck or head for the 15 years old and younger. Light skin touch with foot is allowed for all divisions. Age 16 and up (non-injurious, “light skin touch”) with hand is allowed. For all 5-13 years old divisions 1& ½  minutes stop time, and 2 minutes for all other divisions with the exception of mandatory male & female division which will be 3 minute stop time.


White Karate-Gi, Leather fist guard (red, blue), mouth guard and groin protector (male), Shin Guard, Foot Pads are mandatory. Headgear, Chest Protector (female), WKF Face mask and body protector are optional.

Coaching Pass:

We will honor our supporters Sensei by providing 1 free coaching pass for every 10 students participating at the championship. Please pick up your free pass or purchase additional coaching passes at the check-in.

Spectator Admission

$10.00 for 5 years old and up. Free for 4 years old and younger.